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cell phone signal booster for office buildings

Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office Buildings

Services for Enterprise Businesses

Do You Need to Fix Bad Cell Reception in Your Building?

The enterprise business is becoming increasingly more reliant on mobile technology and ever-more in the corporate campus environment. Employees and guests are more transient than ever before and the ability to connect wirelessly without the hassle of the old username and password to log onto the Wi-Fi is becoming status quo.  


DAS or Distributed Antenna Systems accomplish two things; they create a seamless way to keep your phone connected for both data connectivity as well as being able to make or take calls and it is also becoming increasingly important that your employees are able to dial 911 in case of an emergency.  Some insurance companies are actually starting to apply discounted rates to companies that invest in an in-building DAS as it creates and exponentially safer work environment.

If your company is looking to enhance cell phone reception and capabilities, Mobili-Fi can assess your current mobile environment and provide a site survey as well as a comprehensive mobile strategy (CMS) to accommodate all the segments of how you want your employees/customers/tenants to be able to connect wirelessly.

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