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cell phone signal booster for all carriers

Cell Phone Signal Booster for All Carriers

Services for Property Managers

Do Your Buildings Need Universal Cell Signal Boosters?

If you found this page, you’ve probably been approached by one of your tenants recently asking you if there’s a way to improve cell coverage in your building space.  Enter Mobili-Fi.  We can provide a carrier-focused or public safety-focused site survey to assess the current coverage of your environment and provide recommendations based on your needs.

Our other offering is being able to offer these systems in a ‘hosted’ manner.  In other words, we understand that these types of solutions are very expensive and sometimes it makes more sense to offer these services to your tenants as a monthly recurring cost rather than taking on the entire burden of the cost upfront.  Mobili-Fi is able to offer CaaS (Cellular-as-a-Service) with many of its partners and create more of a ‘utility’ type of expense structure to it.

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